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Medical Services

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Medical Marijuana


A natural and alternative treatment for many conditions.




Utilizing accepted medications and methods to eliminate drug dependency.


Verdant Relief

4 years ago one fateful night in August, I had a medical emergency. What should have been a normal procedure, a gallbladder removal, turned into an event that would change my life forever. Due to complications beyond my control, I ended up going through a series of traumatic events that left me scarred and broken.


A small gallstone ended up getting lodged in my pancreas duct, which turned into acute pancreatitis, which caused liver and kidney failure. I was induced into a coma, as the medical professionals and my family scrambled for answers and tried to make sense of what was going on.


During that coma, I had complications with breathing and not getting enough oxygen to my brain. This left severe damages that I would never fully recover from. I woke up from that fateful night, weeks had passed, and the news I received was disheartening. This was just the first hurdle, my whole life would change now.

laying in hospital

I have PTSD, I have chronic pancreatitis which makes eating very painful, I have extreme anxiety related to death, and leaving behind my wife and child. But the miracle in all this is that now these things are controlled. Medical Marijauana has given me a semblance of my life back.


I still can’t do everything I want to do, but I have finally found relief. I can eat a meal and appreciate the taste and feeling of being full without pain. I can sleep through a night without having terrible waking nightmares about the months I spent in ICU and the pain I endured to be here with my family. Every single day for people who live with chronic conditions is a fight. It’s a fight to get out of bed. it’s a fight to push yourself past the next challenge that life is going to throw in your way. Now with access to this drug, I feel like I have a fighting chance.


I am so thankful to the people working to provide relief to people like me, to all the doctors and nurses and therapists and other medical professionals who have gotten me to this point. What happened to me could happen to anyone, and solutions like marijuana are changing my life for the better.


Bob Lucas and Family

Lucas Family Picture