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About Us


Dr. William Lampard

Dr. Lampard

Always curious about the how and why of life, seeking understanding and truth — especially the eternal truths.

  • Raised in Alberta, Canada, leaving for College in Europe at age 16.
  • Returned to Medical School at the University of Alberta, the top Med School in Canada at that time.
  • Completed all 5 major Medical Exams to qualify for practice in Canada and every State in the US.
  • Completed a Residency in Family Practice with extra training in Obstetrics and Neonatal care.
  • Enjoyed tremendously serving patients inSouth Central Texas, and then in Western NY, delivering a few thousand infants, and finding great satisfaction in caring for the infants, their parents and Grandparents.
  • Through stress and responsibility, came to a saving faith in Jesus the Christ for my eternal answers.
  • Retired from the typical ‘Sickness focus’ of Medicine in 2000 and focused in Natural approaches.
  • Developed expertise in natural approaches to pain, aiding warmth and flow, helping movement disorders, sleep, breathing disorders, etc.   Teaching across the US and Canada, and Australia.

I re-entered medical practice with focus on Opiate Detox and Approaches to Pain, mastering the information and passing the Examinations to become a Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management.

Always drawn to Wellness & Health.   Swam against Mark Spitz.   Captained the winning team of the
British Surf & Life-Saving Championships.  Continue to participate in tennis, cycling, swimming, gym, mountain hiking, skiing, etc.